Purchase Info

  • Products are available for immediate download and can be delivered on a CD-ROM
  • Pay by PayPal, credit card, debit card, or Bank to Bank Wire Transfer
  • Store prices are set in GBP (UK) with the option of viewing in other currencies
  • Exchange rates automatically updated every hour, so may vary slightly at checkout

Order Processing

  1. The store trades in pounds sterling (GBP) but you may view prices in other currencies (see page header)
  2. You may cancel an order, or exchange goods for a similar product, if order was placed erroneously (see next clause)
  3. Once the goods have been downloaded or dispatched, said goods cannot be exchanged or refunded
  4. We reserve the right NOT to fulfil an order for goods that were advertised at an incorrect price

Currency Conversion

The default store currency is pound sterling (GBP). To "view" prices in other denominations, choose an item from the Currency menu located below the Keyword Catalog logo.

Please note that the prices converted from GBP are based on the current bank base rate, which may differ slightly to the one applied by PayPal, or your bank at checkout.


  1. If we provide goods in error, we will send a replacement at our expense at the earliest opportunity presented to us
  2. You are responsible for informing us within 14 days if you NOT receive the goods within the stated time in the order confirmation
  3. An admin charge of £12.50 (GBP) may be levied at our discretion on requests for additional download links
  4. Liability of Keyword Catalog Software for a breach of a condition or warranty implied or otherwise by law shall be limited to the supply of the goods afresh or the cash equivalent
  5. In no event shall Keyword Catalog Software be held responsible for losses, damages, liabilities, claims and expenses (including but not limited to legal costs and defence or settlement costs) arising out of goods on our website


Software can be downloaded immediately after a successful payment transaction by doing the following:

  • Clicking on the download link in the order confirmation email (please check your spam filters)
  • Logging into your account, viewing the order history details and then clicking on the product name

Software can also be delivered on a CD-ROM for an additional £10 (GBP). Please contact us for payment details.


  1. We reserve the right to change information, prices, and descriptions of our goods without prior notice
  2. You ensure any spam filters and/or services employed by you do NOT block, bounce or delete emails from Keyword-Catalog.com
  3. You have permission to backup the downloaded zipped file onto removable media (recommended)

Your Spam and ISP Filters

Please do make sure your ISP, host and any anti-spam services you may employ do not block, delete or bounce back emails from Keyword-Catalaog.com