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Tired of searching for appropriate keywords phrases and synonyms to describe your images? We have the perfect tool in the form of the Keyword Catalog, a hierarchy and controlled vocabulary consisting of 30,000 keywords.

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Pick & Mix [Business]

If you do not require all of the 40 modules, you can pick and mix between 1–12 modules of your choice by doing the following:

  1. Purchase the Keyword Catalog Pick & Mix [Personal or Business] version
  2. Download the PDF form by using the link in the order notification email
  3. Select the modules that you require (maximum of #12) in the form
  4. Send the saved form back to us as an attachment

We will send within 24 hours a personalised Keyword Catalog that matches your selection.

Please note: the total number of keywords will depend on the modules you choose.

Product Overview

The Keyword Catalog is a collection of carefully selected list of words and phrases, modelled along the lines of a hierarchical controlled vocabulary.

Written specifically to help stock photographers facilitate keywording their image collections and to speed up the painful process, it can be used by other professions.

It is methodically structured so as to make the task of finding suitable keywords, phrases and synonyms quick and easy (note, the Adobe Lightroom version now automatically adds accompanying synonyms).

The full version covers a broad sweep of subjects and is divided into 40 convenient categories for easy access (you may load them singularly or en masse).

Keyword Catalog can be used with any keywording software that supports a tab-delimited text file without restrictions. For example, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom, BreezeBrowser Pro, Capture One, Photo Mechanic, FastPictureViewer, etc.

Key Features

  • Full version contains 30,000 keywords, including phrases and synonyms, all systematically laid out for easy access
  • Divided into convenient categories, sub-categories, headings and subheadings that facilitate quick searches
  • Covers attributes, concepts, feelings, fauna, flora, hobbies, professions, locations, US and UK variations, etc.
  • Bundled as a unified catalog and as 40 separate modules that you can load collectively or individually
  • Customise the Keyword Catalog by using the Pick & Mix option if you do not require all of the modules
  • Guaranteed to speed up the keywording process and to take the stress out of keywording images
  • Download a free demo to get a "feel" of the structure, depth, breadth and scope
  • Purchase a single user personal licence, a business licence or a multiple-user site licence
  • Download your purchase immediately after a successful payment transaction
  • Free updates


Click here to view a full list of the 40 modules (i.e., categories) that make up the Keyword Catalog.


To acquire a licence for business use (a registered company, partnership, incorporation, organisation or franchise), please purchase from this product page; otherwise, you may select the Pick & Mix Personal category to make your purchase.

Site Licence

Multiple seat users require a site licence, renewable annually. Please contact us for a quote with details of your business and the number of seats that will use the product.

P&M Business Use